Monday, August 1, 2011

Amy's House...The First Day...

After at least a year of wanting to buy a house and always finding a reason not to, I finally took the leap in April and bought a house...all on my own!  While very scary at times throughout the process, it was extremely exciting!

On my closing day, I was lucky enough that my lovely sister was off work and went with me for moral support.  After the walk-through and a long time at the table signing my life away, I was a home-owner!
The next step on the priority list was, obviously, lunch.  So after stuffing my face with a veggie wrap, it was time for Ashley and I to get to work.  There was, of course, time for an obligatory first picture inside the house.
I'll spare you the details of what became a quite long day of carpet cleaning (big thanks to Ashley and her fiance for the help!) and give you the fun part...the tour!  Well, we'll call this the "before" these pictures were taken when barely anything was in the house and things were looking pretty sterile (if you can call it that after seeing all the cat hair we cleaned out of the carpet from the previous owners...blech).
Laundry room



Dining area

Powder room

Living Room

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bedroom...will be a workout room...I think. the office.

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom...sorry for the blurry picture.

Stay tuned to see what I've done with the place!

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