Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Recap's September 1st.  Although lots of good things come in September, the big bummer about it is that summer is pretty much over.  So, before I get too sad about the end of the best season of the year, I'm going to highlight some awesome things that happened this summer!

1. Summer started with a fantastic sister-date to a comedy club.

2. I bowled it up with some friends...although I could never get a strike when I needed it!

3. I had a great time at my cousin's wedding.

4. We celebrated for Ashley's bridal shower.

5. I did all kinds of fun crafts (like this one) with one of my favorite people on Earth.

6. I met one of my running goals--a 5K with no walking!  (Not sure if I'm ready for the world to see the hot mess I was after this no picture for now, haha)  And...decided to make my next goal a half marathon.

7. I played some softball, got quite dirty, and laughed...a lot!  First place season!

8. We did a whole bunch of cooking (New Recipe Night rocks!)...and sometimes the failures were the most fun!

9. We celebrated some more wedding stuff with Ashley's bachelorette party.

Wow...that was a busy three months!  Now, the final weekend of summer is upon us.  Make it a great one!  I know I will...

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