Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bachelorette Party- DIY Style

Sorry we've been MIA again...the start of a new school year and Ashley's wedding festivities kicking up have us oh.ver.whelmed.

Last weekend was Ashley's much anticipated bachlorette party!

I decided that I wanted to be sure to make some things for her myself, since I wanted it to be special.  So, toward the beginning of the summer, I found an awesome idea for a photo tray at I DO Invitations by Michelle.  (I am having a terrible time finding the exact picture, but I will update when I find it.  She does some amazing stuff, so a little time browsing her blog will not be time wasted. :) )

So, I decided to whip up a tray for Ashley as a momento of the girls that were at the first phase of the party.

It was SUPER simple!  I just picked up the tray at Target, printed out some photos, cut them down, and Mod Podge-d them on.

I also decided to make the invitations myself, which I think was my favorite project of all the ones I have on here today.

I also decided to customize one of those adorable Bride/Bachelorette glasses that you can buy at party stores.

I forgot to take a picture after it this one is close.  I just used scrapbooking stickers to spell out "Bride" on the base and covered it with a coat of Mod Podge to keep them from peeling off.  For the "veil," I just used a piece of tulle, tied a ribbon around it, and glued the ribbon to the glass.  Again, super easy!

Aside from the DIY goodies for the bride, a large portion of the party was DIY, as we went to a paint-your-own-pottery place.

We reserved the party room, so we could be together as a group without disturbing others...haha.  We got to bring food and drinks, and it was a great time!  Ashley painted a glass to use at her wedding, and I made a soap dispenser for my kitchen.  Mine didn't quite go according to plan, so I'm looking forward to seeing the final product(s) when I pick them up this weekend.

Overall, we had a great time painting the town...and the pottery!


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