Saturday, August 20, 2011

If at First you dont Succeed...try again!

Hello to our readers!

    Here is an update on our lives and what we like to call New Recipe Night.  We have been taking turns picking which recipe we would like to try and this weeks recipe was my fiance Matt's choice.  He picked Grill Pizza so we thought we would give it a shot.  We originally tried earlier this week using our brand new gas grill.  However the directions told us to use dough like Pillsbury Pizza Dough and as we placed the dough on the grill it cooked way faster than we expected... resulting in this

We all agreed that it just wasn't going to work for us that night.  Our quote at the first NRN was "if it doesn't taste good we will just make something else"  We made that quote come alive and used the ingredients we already had ready to top the pizza to make salads.  It all ended up working OK by tossing some fresh vegetables together with some chicken we had pre-cooked.  

We just weren't happy with this failed attempt at Grilled pizza so we decided we weren't going to give up, we were going to give it a second try and we did just that.  We brainstormed ideas to avoid the result shown above and figured we would just watch the crust closely and let the grill cool off a little before topping our pizzas and placing them back on to melt the cheese.  

Matt and Amy took care of the grill while I chopped vegetables and cooked chicken in the house. 

The dough turned into a beautifully golden pizza crust and we had success at that point!!
We decided to make BBQ chicken pizza.

  Bar-be-Que sauce base topped with...

   Shredded chicken, vegetables and cheese

    It turned out to be one that we will make again (albeit VERY carefully!)
      Grilled Pizza was a fantastic, paired with a side salad - all 3 of us agree it was definitely a very successful New Recipe Night re-try!

~ Ashley~

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