Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sisters: 2 New Recipes

Ashley here!  I'll start off by catching you all up on our recent NEW RECIPE NIGHTS!   On Amy's last turn she picked Barbecue Chicken Burgers.
Amy doesn't like to have her hands in raw meat (or anything raw) yet had no choice when it came to mixing up the chicken for our burgers.

I'd have to admit they looked GREAT on the grill and tasted pretty good too.

                              As with most of our meals, we paired it with a salad and enjoyed!

Next up was my turn to pick a new recipe.  I didn't want to make anything in "burger" form so I picked a baked Macaroni and Cheese dish.   It was a "healthy-ish" recipe, and we added some shredded chicken for a little added protein. 

**Amy here!  I'm adding pictures for the post and must make a mental note to start putting on some makeup before NRN...especially when I know we'll blog about it!  Good thing I have a pretty sister! :)

The finished product burned just a little (we were probably watching football and forgot about it, haha) but was still delish!

Next Up.... Matt's turn to pick a reciepe for NRN!

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