Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spaces: The Big To-Do List

Now that both of us are settled and comfy in our new homes, we have been looking at more and more ways to make our spaces our own!  Time, of course, has been the missing link, but we're working on that!  Here are each of our top five items on our house to-do lists:

Amy's List

1. Finish the dreaded laundry room window frosting project.
2. P-a-i-n-t!

This project actually encompases multiple projects, as I want to paint my master bath, living room, kitchen, and guest bath at some point.  I've pretty much decided on all the colors.  First on the list is the master bath, which I am planning to paint a cool gray-ish purple that I picked up on the "oops" rack at Home Depot for about $5.  I'm thinking about painting stripes on the walls like these from Young House Love.

3. Get new curtains.

The previous owners of my house were kind enough to leave all the window treatments, which has been a huge help to me.  However, I'm ready for a change!  I'm loving these curtains from Ikea but looks like they might be discontinued, so I smell some DIY!

4. Touch up the ceilings in my master bedroom.

Let's just say that we got a little lazy toward the end of our painting experience, and there are some mistakes that need fixing.

5. Make a window seat in my loft

So excited for this one!  This idea was inspired by the infamous Pinterest, which led me to this adorable office picture.

 When I showed Ashley, I said, "All that's missing is a window seat."  That smarty-pants sister of mine gave me a GENIUS idea to make it work...and I can't wait to make it happen!  I better get to frosting that window!  :)

Ashleys ever-growing To-Do List.

1.  Backsplash in the kitchen!

Our kitchen is just one big blank canvas, however since there is no "break" in the wall separating the dining room and living room we would either have to paint the whole room one solid color (boring!) or we would have weird paint lines where the color changes.  Therefore, I have the idea of adding a mosaic tile back splash in my kitchen to add color with out having to paint the whole room one solid color. 
I'd absolutely LOVE it if my backsplash looked like this:

                                                             Idea came from this site

                      This is the location for the back splash...apologies for the clutter shown in this photo!
2.  Paint!  
Matt and I have to turn our white walls into something more warm and "home" like.  We have discussed colors but just can't pick the look we feel we want in our house.  I like the neutral and natural colors like this while Matt wants to get a little crazy and add colorful accent walls.   

3.  Hang pictures! 

I love pictures!  I'm not the best at photography however I just LOVE taking pictures of pretty landscapes and I love candid photos of people and taking fun pictures of children busy at play.  I have alot of photos I have taken myself as well as framed pictures of our wedding that I want to hang.  It's just so hard to figure out the best place to put things.   However, Matt and I have been extremely busy getting a head start on these projects and here is where we are at this point: 

                                            Kitchen word art
  Master Bedroom Art and the blinds we have put up in there (project #4)
      Our first wedding photo framed and hung in our staircase...We are thinking a taupe color for this wall.

4.  Finish hanging Blinds and Curtains:

We have already done quite a bit of this project thanks to some help from our family, however it's just become an issue of FINISHING!  We've transformed most of our house so far and are loving the new window treatments.

5.  Frosting the glass on our front entry door... (must be a sister thing!)
We love the windows around out front door as it allows us to see who may be on the other side when the doorbell rings.... however, its also been a topic that comes up often when we discuss the security of our new home.  We don't really know whats visible from the outside, therefore we would like to take on the project of frosting the glass to make it less visible from the outside! 

It has just begun!

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