Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stuff: My Wedding!

On with the catching up process!  Of the preview of events that we re-capped in a prior post,  this post will be all about my wedding! 

The night before the wedding we enjoyed dinner with our family and our bridal party and rehearsed the events for the next day.  All was going well.  I slept OK the night before, woke up and greeted Amy- who was also maid of honor and Monika one of my bridesmaids.   We headed off to get our hair done, all was still going well. 

Amy's hair was finished, my 3rd bridesmaid arrived at the salon, and it was my turn to get my hair done.  That is when the anxiety hit; I realized our photographer was already at our house waiting for me, and I was nowhere near being done with my hair.  I realized at about the same time that I had been looking at the reflection of the clock in the mirror, and it was later than I had thought we were officially almost running late. 

I kept my smile and kept breathing... safe to say this is one of the only times I got honestly nervous through the whole day.

We rushed home, andI threw my dress on so the photographer could snap a few pictures before she had to be at the church to take pictures of Matt and the groomsmen. 

Because my dress was already on I had to drape a towel over it so as to not get makeup on it.  Talk about RUSHING!!  But all of our makeup turned out great.

The limo pulled in as the girls and I were putting on our final details, and it was time to head to church.  It was now about 12:45, and the wedding was at 1:30.  The limo driver didn't listen to our forewarning that the road ahead was closed, so, through a detour, we made it to the church about 20 minutes before I was due to walk down the aisle.  Amy provided me a card from was written for me to read on our wedding day about how excited he was about the day.  I had been doing good with not crying all day long, until I read this card. 

I stopped the tears by using said card for a paper fan and dancing to some old school music that I lived for in my middle and high school days. 

The TV screen behind us also proved to be a great mirror for me when I realized I hadn't brushed my teeth yet, and the small bathroom we had in our pre-event room was occupied. 
Finally it was time to walk down the aisle...I did it with a smile and no tears!!  It was kind of fun, but I don't remember looking at Matt I only remember looking at the guests on my side of the church.

My parents presented me to my groom, and we became Mr. and Mrs!

We danced and had pretty much the best night of our lives!  Our reception was amazing and everything turned out perfectly.
But in true-to-life style, all good things must come to an we bid our guests farewell.
A lot of people ask:  
Did anything go wrong on your wedding day?
I'd say no, other than the running short on time, and one boutonniere was missing from the florist.

Would I go back and plan it all again? 
NEVER!  I did not enjoy the wedding process.
Would I go back and relive that day? 
Absolutely! I would relive my wedding day if I could.
What would you change about your wedding day? 
Nothing, I'd keep everything the same because it was our day, and everything happened as it was supposed to, planned or not!

Still to this day people are talking about the amount of fun they had at our wedding, and for that we are grateful.  However, for now-  we're just enjoying life as it was meant to be for us.

                   ~<3 Ashley

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