Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Buddy Up

In the weeks since my last half marathon, I have been focusing on running in a different way.  For one, I have been running with buddies more than I have in quite some time.  It's pretty awesome.  So, I thought today would be good day to post the benefits I see to running with a buddy.

You are less likely to skip a run.
My college roommate/number one running buddy and I were just talking the other day about a text message exchange we had last fall as we were both hinting toward the other one not having to make the trip to meet up if she didn't want to.  We laughed at ourselves trying to get out of it, but not wanting to disappoint the other.  Scheduling a run with a buddy is a great way to make sure you go out, even if you're not 100% into it that day.

Yay for buddy motivation!
It can heal a wounded friendship.
Recently, a close work friend and I had a falling out.  We talked it out and ended up scheduling a run together.  Eight miles later, we had totally reconnected and felt back to normal.

She/he can push you to do more, when you think you've got nothing left.
My roommate let me beat her for my first 5k, and only let me walk once.  She rocks.

A buddy provides a needed distraction when things get tough.
I find that the miles fly by when I'm with a buddy.  Of course, I may be going a little slower because I'm likely to be chatterboxing, but every glance at the watch has me going "are you sure we've been going that long?"

A buddy can provide another needed distraction--from the numbers that drive you crazy!
Lately when I'm running with a buddy, I don't worry about the pace.  I worry a little about the miles (just because I'm trying to keep my mileage above 10/week so I don't start slacking), but the time is not a factor.  I just try to focus on doing the last thing I benefit from...

Running buddies can renew your love for running...and help you form one you might not have known you had!

Who's feet are those?  Hmm...maybe she'll tell you Thursday.  ;)
Of course, I can't run with a buddy all the time, or else I'd probably lose the joy in that as well.  Variety is the spice of life, right?  Currently, however, I am loving having some buddies to run with, and really loving running again (still?)!

Tell me about your running buddy!

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