Thursday, June 21, 2012


So, I'm still going strong with this running thing, I am still going on my scheduled days, 3 or 4 times a week and sticking strong to my Couch to 5k plan.  I moved up a level for 2 runs this week and it was a bit of a struggle so I think this weekend i'm going to change from "Time" to "distance" and i'll add my 3rd mile to the run but not worry about exactly how long I run at a time as long as I get that distance in (in about 45 minutes) i'll be happy.  Anyway, this week our temperatures were into the mid to upper 90's and the humidity was like trying to breathe under water.  This past Sunday I knew it was hot but I couldn't just sit and look out the window so I went for a run... part way through I found myself taking extremely deep breaths during my walking intervals.  I was by myself so I started to worry that I had made a mistake going out alone when it was so hot and unbelievably humid.  I was feeling OK but just knew I had to slow it down and just get home safely so that's what I did, and when I got home I felt good but was a little worried about so called "hot runs."  Needless to say... that didn't scare me THAT much because I went out again a day later when it was 96 degrees.

                      Fear #1 :  Running in less than ideal weather
                   MY Solution:  Bring cold water, pace myself, dress appropriately, and listen to my body

I am one of those people in the world that really annoy the dare devils and risk takers,  I like a plan, usually a strict to the point plan, and I am a natural planner, therefore the unexpected things don't make me happy (even good things)  I really like to know whats ahead.  I don't run with music (see Amy's last post Dropping the Earbuds to read a little about music and running)  but I HAVE and I admit it does make it go faster. For me though... I find myself taking the earbuds out of my ears numerous times to check my surroundings.  That's a safe thing to do but I think I may be a little paranoid about things following me.  

                Fear #2 :  People, Cars or Animals following me... being followed in general
                                  My Solution:  Go faster   = )
Yes you're pretty Mr. Duck but do NOT follow me!

I am also one of those people who is known to be hard on myself if I fall short of a goal.  I am trying this running thing as a weight loss method as well as a stress reliever and just all around enjoyable activity.  I thought I would be faster at my runs by now and I'm staggering by a minute or two each time.  Some intervals are fast and I think "whoa"  but some really let me down and I almost want to say out loud "Seriously I was NOT going that slow"

            Fear #3 Not progressing as I feel I should
        My Solution:  Stick to it

While there are plenty more things that worry me about running the one thing that tops all others is my breathing... I fear that I will never get the hang of breathing like a runner when i'm out there.  Sometimes I get the hang of it and I feel great and sometimes I can't get it right and it hurts.  I'm afraid that I'll stop liking my runs if I can't get the hang of it.

           Fear #4 The dreaded stomach cramp
      My Solution:  ??????????

So there you have it  runners I need some advice...

                                          What did you fear when you started running?
                                             How did you discover your solutions?
                                           How did you get your breathing timed right? 

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