Thursday, June 7, 2012

Runner? Yes!

Hello Everyone!

   I've officially crossed the bridge into actually enjoying running this week!  I could not be any more proud of myself and I absolutely LOVE the way I feel after a good run/walk.

  Here is the story!  

This past weekend I asked to tag along with Amy and a friend of ours while they ran, I was going to walk.  As we got started I told myself I will not lose sight of them if I can help it, but I did end up losing site of them over a bridge.  But as I was going along my walk I started to feel like my legs weren't moving as fast as my brain and body wanted them to... so I pulled out my phone and revisited that good 'ol "Couch to 5k" app.  The 5 minute warm up walk seemed to take FOREVER I was waiting so impatiently for it to tell me to "start running now" and once it did off I went.  I finished the first interval and as I was walking I could see a really pesky hill up in front of me, I told myself "my app is going to tell me to run at the bottom of this hill and I'll be stuck running up it"  of course that DID happen but I dominated that hill and ended up getting back to our "meeting place" a few minutes before Amy got back.  I shared my running news and said "I'll do it again tomorrow!"  So that was Saturday.   On Sunday I was going to enjoy going for our "Sunday sister walk" and then I was like "you know what I'm going to run this"  pull out trusty app, get it started, and sure thing chicken wing we were off!  Matt was walking behind us and he said to me me afterwards "The first time you guys started off running I smiled, I was so proud of you"  Thanks Hubs I'm proud of myself too!!    Move forward to Tuesday, I was chomping at the bit all day long to get out there for my run.  I dominated it calculating about a 12 minute/mile pace.  I felt AWESOME afterwards and went again today.  Today was a little warmer than I'm used to so I didn't do as well as I hoped.  I walked a little more than I had been walking, but I still managed to keep the walking pace fast enough to shave 1 minute off my total time.

                                                         Yes those ARE my feet next to Amy's!

I've made huge strides this week and I am LOVING this.... loving it so much actually that my bank account has started to hate me... Welcome... my new RUNNING SHOES (and also the photo result for last weeks photo challenge - Something New)!

New Balance 860's.   Never did I think I would talk about shoes like I talk about my car but here I am.  I put the first 2 miles in these loveys today and let me tell you it felt like I was running on a cloud!  LOVE THEM!

Next photo challenge:  Something You are Looking Forward To?


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