Friday, August 5, 2011

Gray-t Night...Amy's First Project

Worst pun ever...haha.  Sorry!

After closing on my house, I waited about a week before I officially moved in.  Before staying in my home, I really wanted to make the master bedroom my own.  For some reason, at any new place I've lived, I spend a good amount of time in the beginning being uncomfortable because I feel like I'm staying in someone else's bedroom.  I really wanted to avoid that this time around and be comfortable from the start.

Plus, I couldn't stand the baby blue on the walls...

My original plan was to paint the master bedroom taupe, but the comforter I ordered online turned out to be much more gray than the tannish color I thought it was in the pictures.  Should have known...seeing as the comforter was called "Malibu Gray."  Way to pay attention to detail, teacher!

So, I browsed a bunch of paint chips and finally decided on Behr's Mineral.  It had just the gray-brown mix I was going for and picked up the color of the darker stripes on my comforter well.

So, I bought a gallon and my lovely, artistic friend Kristin and I got to work!

Good riddance, baby blue!

In an effort to make the whole process move a little more quickly, I decided to forego the primer and just give it two coats (this was definitely against Kristin's suggestion, and you can probably guess where this is going).  We painted at night, and when I got to the house the next morning, the wall picture above looked like it had been sponge painted.  Baby blue showing through like crazy!  Definitely in need of a third coat...

So, my first morning in my new home was spent re-painting my bedroom.  However, the mission was accomplished, and I slept great in a room that I felt was 100% mine!

(Pardon the drying rack...obviously not a permanent fixture in the room.  At least you know my clothes are clean!)
It's been a few months, and I am thrilled with my color choice!  I find it very calm and serene--just what I was looking for in my bedroom.

Obviously, there is plenty of work still to be done in this room.  You can't see it in the picture, but the comforter has these subtle purple pinstripes within the white, so I want to use purple as an accent color in the room (hence the pillows).  To name a few, I plan to:
  • Buy/make a headboard (would love to try one of those awesome DIY upholstered ones I see all over blogland).
  • Get/make some wall art that picks up on the purple I'm looking for in the room.
  • Find some new night stands so I can get rid of my good ol' college cheap furniture.
  • Make a reading corner by the window.
  • Get a console table for the wall next to the closet.
Here is my current dilemma--do I go with black or dark brown?  The current curtains and bench at the foot of the bed are dark brown, but, for some reason, I feel like dark brown is weird with gray walls.  However, the walls definitely have brown undertones, particularly in daylight.  Hmm...any thoughts?


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