Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thankful Challenge

So tonight, I was blog surfing (yay for finally having time for that!) on Carrots 'n Cake, one of my absolute favs!  Tina posted this challenge: to write down (or blog about) one thing that you are thankful for every day in November.

Each Thanksgiving, I sit down before bed and write this list.  So, I think this will be an even better way to keep life in perspective, if only for a couple minutes a day.  So, get ready for lots of posts in November!  :)

Today, the thing I am thankful for is perhaps obvious, and cheesy.  It's...my sister.

From races to break-ups, in good times and bad, I know this girl has my back 150%.  I am one lucky girl!

Ashley's turn...  I am thankful for things every day, but it's nice to be able to voice it and make those involved aware of how much they mean to me. 

Today I am thankful for education. Because I worked so hard to be where I am today and with out my education I wouldn't have gotten to spend my day watching a 2 year old child meet and exceed his goals with the things he has learned from me! 

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