Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Midweek Photos!

Sorry for the delay folks! 
  Here are my December photo challenge days 5-14.  This group of photos was a challenge and I really had to think outside of the box to be "different"  but here goes.....

Day 5:  Something warm and tasty-  Thanks Amy for modeling your Starbucks!

Day 6:  A Candy Cane (or many)
So they arent candy canes but they are very yummy sweet treats!! 
We all know what a candy cane looks like....

Day 7 :  A wreath with a red bow-  Since this is a very generic holiday decoration I decided to just snap a picture of an animated wreath with a red bow on a gift bag I had in my house.   Using a custom color setting on my camera I made the wreath look 3D when in actuality it is not a 3-dimensional image.

Day 8: Stamped and Addressed Christmas cards-  Matt and I mailed out our cards before I snapped a picture of them, therefore next best option,  a card we recieved!  Address covered for privacy of course.

Day 9:  Santa Claus

Day 10:  Away in a manger----- I slacked and don't have a photo to go for day 10!   Sorry

Day 11:  Ribbons and Bows

                                    Displayed in an adorable christmas penguin dish from Amy!

Day 12:  Something Sticky:

    Matt and I built a gingerbread town... have you ever built a gingerbread house?  Can't think of many more things that are more sticky than frosting and candy!
Day 13:  Reindeer:  Hand (and footprint) made from some kiddos very "deer" to my heart.  (True work from a 2 1/2 year old and a 5 month old)

Day 14: A Decked hall.... (or how about a staircase)

And thats all for now....

Among the other things she is successful at I'd like to throw out a quick shout out to the other half of this blog;  As AMY she has just completed her final class to earn a Masters degree!! 
Thumbs up!  Great Job!

Stay tuned for photo challenge days 15 and on!

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