Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sisters: Blue, well, Black, Ribbon

Since I had several days off before Christmas this year, I felt the need to get crafty on some of my gifts.  So, I decided to make some jewelry (something I really like to do, but don't often enough, for whatever reason).  I love the look of those ribbon necklaces, so I made three complementary necklaces, one for Ashley, Mom, and myself.

I got a great deal on some beads, chain, and ribbon at Michaels, and I had some jewelry wire in my craft box, which really came in handy.
Heaven forbid I walk downstairs where I could actually have some room on the table

To start, I basically just looked around at some pictures of ribbon necklaces online, and got started.  It was not easy taking pictures during the process.

For Ashley's, I attached some wire to the chain and beaded silver beads onto it to give it a doubled-up look.  The back was a ribbon with a bow at the end.

Ashley's finished product
For my necklace, I beaded alternating "pearls" and silver beads onto the wire, then used a ribbon for the back.  Instead of a bow, I attached the flower I wore in my hair for Ashley's wedding.  I've been wanting to find a way to use it, as I rarely wear barrettes, and I ended up loving this!

My finished product
Finally, I wanted to make mom's a little different, so I took parts of mine and Ashley's, and then added a little something new.  So, the beading part was the same as mine.  Then, I used chain for the back but weaved (wove? hm...) ribbon through it.

Mom's finished product
Honestly, I feel like my mom's necklace needs something more; I just can't figure out what it is.  She says she's happy with it this way...but you know moms have to say that.  :)  I'm waiting for the genius solution to come to me.

Have you ever made jewelry before?  How did it go?

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