Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stuff: Photo Challenge Update!

Hello Readers!  A few days have passed during my photo challenge so I figured now is a great time to update!  Since the month started in the middle of the week my updates have been more often than they may be the rest of the month.  I will now update my photos 1 time a week, this will leave Amy and I the space to blog about our day-to-day activities!!

My goal for this challenge is to step outside the box with my photos, while keeping a holiday theme, stray away from the typical things you may think of when you see the theme.  (If I can that is!)  So,
 Day 2:  A List-  Many people think a list written by a child to Santa Claus, and I thought of that as well, however after some thinking I took a twist of displaying a recipe as my "list," because it has a list of ingredients and then a list of steps. 

Day 3:  The Christmas tree:

Day 4:  Presents under the tree:

Thanks for following along with this challenge!  Stay Tuned and Check back this week for re-caps of fun activities going on with Amy and I, as well as photo challenge days 5-9! 

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