Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Being a Sports Fan

If you know me, you know that I love sports.  I grew up playing softball, definitely dropped the ball (no pun intended, haha) when it came to exercise during college, and got back into softball and started running after graduation.  I also love my teams--Blackhawks, Cubs, Colts, Steelers.  So, I was really interested when I saw this article from Fit Sugar pop up on my twitter feed about how being a sports fan is good for your health. 

Let's go Hawks!

According to the article, being a sports fan has these 5 health benefits:

1. "It inspires you to get active."

This one made me laugh, because I instantly thought of when I was a kid.  I loved to watch figure skating and gymnastics, but you had better believe I was "ice skating" around the kitchen for the rest of the night.  Kristi Yamaguchi was my girl.

2. "Watching live sports is a workout in itself."

Sure is!  Especially for my BIL.  He paces during big Packers games, and it sure is funny.

3. "You'll live longer."

Hope so!  That is all.  :)

4. "It's good for your relationships."

No relationship to speak of here, but I certainly feel like sports are good for my friendships.  The BIL and I love a little friendly football rivalry.

5. "It will make you smarter."


Here is what I love about sports:

1. They bring people together.  I mean, really...who doesn't love a good tailgating party?

2. They're an awesome adrenaline rush.  Nothing is quite as fun as dancing at the United Center after a Blackhawks goal.  Kind of like the endorphins after a great workout!

3. Generally, there is good food involved in one way or another.  Priorities people.

4. They make you part of something bigger than yourself- a team.  And how cool is that?

Your turn...what do YOU love about sports?

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