Thursday, February 9, 2012

Only the beginning...

After last week's feeling of defeat, I'm feeling much better about myself behind the lens.  I'm realizing that a hobby is just that, a hobby; some people are better than others, and others learn to be the best.  So, in order to learn to be the best,  I've started to study what it takes to establish yourself in the world of photography.  Thanks to Pinterest, I've discovered numerous lists of props that a photographer should have, and I've also discovered some tutorials on camera settings.
I plan to enroll in a beginner's photo course once my camera is purchased. 

Another must-have is a portfolio.  Some things I have on the list to add to my future portfolio are...

A photo (or gallery of photos) including-
- Engagement
- Maternity/ Birth Announcements
- Newborn/ Children
- Family (including kids and pets)
- Famous monuments or landmarks
- Sunrise/sunset using shadows
- Animals (specifically a pack of wild horses)
- Memorable Reunion (parent/child, Army/Miltary family, spouse, sibling)
      I have many more ideas but that will all come with time. 

Here are some more of my photos I'm proud of!

One of my favorite shots of nature...If animals could talk, what would this goose be saying...

Amy's Photo Challenge:  Something that reminds you of High School 
Well here is one of my group of friends and I when we were actually in High School...

and I have a few more photos that I'd like to share

Yes, this IS a collection of my graduation materials from college... but it reminds me of high school because a certain teacher I had tried to convince her students (me included) to not give college a shot.  In other words I was forced to feel as though college wasn't for me, but I followed my dreams and got the degree I had dreamed of my whole life.  I hope this photo can serve as an inspiration to someone out there who may be doubting themselves.

This photo has been seen on this blog before... but here it is again.  Why does it remind me of high school?  Because Amy was my biggest fan, my support system as well as my motivation.  When I didn't like something someone said or the doubt that was forced upon me, she was the one who remained positive and believed in me...this picture was taken at her half-marathon, and it is proof that now it's my turn to be her support system and motivation!! 

Uh...ok...that description made me cry.  How about for next week...a photo that shows one of your favorite ways to spend your free time?
Until next time:   Who do you turn to for motivation?

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