Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Day Favorites's a snow day!

I'm pretty surprised my school district called it.  In fact, I got up a little earlier than usual so I could squeeze in my work out and still have time to drive a little slower than usual.  I was in the shower when I got the call.  So, I've been up for quite awhile. And I am officially bored.

So, now that I've caught up on my blogs, I figured I'd give myself something to do and play along with Tina's little survey from today.

Favorite herb or spice to cook with: Cinnamon.  It goes on everything.
Favorite item in my makeup bag: Mascara.  I pretty much don't leave home without it.
Favorite item in my closet: My brown boots.  If only they went with my favorite grey sweater!
Best workout song on my iPod: "T.H.E." by Will.I.Am
Favorite aisle at the grocery store: Health aisle, because that's where I get my favorite PB, or the bread aisle.
Movie I've watched the most: Probably Finding Nemo or Transformers.
Favorite ice cream flavor: Cinnamon...on top of apple pie of course.
Favorite sandwich: I'm kind of obsessed with egg sandwiches lately...pretty bummed that I'm out of bread today!

Anyone else off work today?

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