Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bucket List

If you're a Pinterest junkie like we are, you know of the trend that is sparking up of people pinning their bucket lists.  There are all sorts of cool pictures on the Perfect Bucket List blog to pin if you want to check them out.  To end the weekend, we thought we'd lay out some of the things on our bucket lists.  We'll start with Amy.

Write a letter to yourself and open it in 10 years.

I did this one just recently.  It was actually really fun, and now I have it hidden away in my "special things" box with the date I'm allowed to open it.  It should be really cool to read when I'm 37.

Run a marathon.

My good friend Amanda and I are in agreement on Chicago Marathon 2013.  It will certainly be epic!

Adopt a puppy.

I'm itching to get one.  My friend at work loves to send me pictures of adorable dogs to adopt.  I'm just dragging my feet with it comes to taking the leap.

Learn fluent sign language.

Sign language has always fascinated me, so I can't wait to find the time to truly learn.

Find someone who will treat me right.

Cheesiest item on my list, but it's there.  Does it count as a bucket list item if fate/luck is in charge?

Get a matching tattoo with my sister.

This. is. happening.  And Mom will probably not be happy.  :)

So I (Ashley) also have a "bucket list" board on Pinterest and some important things on my list are as follows...

Reach my Goal Weight:  Which is part of my New Years resolution this year (establishing a workout routine that I like)

Open my own business : What can I say I like to be my own boss... and with as many goals and aspirations I have in my life what better way to do that is opening my own Early Childhood program.

Own a nice camera:  The goal of all of my photography blogging...
I'd also LOVE to see and photograph a pack of wild horses.  I think animals in their natural habitat is an awesome thing to see and one thing you can't see at the zoo (yes I know the zoo is not natural for the animals)  is a pack of wild horses.

and to combine a few on my bucket list into one
Have a healthy pregnancy, have a son AND a daughter and be a good parent.  

of course... get a matching tattoo with my sister, and no Mom will not be happy  = )

C'mon, know it will be awesome!


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