Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Showered Today

Today was a pretty awesome day.  I (really, I should say "Ashley and I," because she was a HUGE help) threw a baby shower for our very good friend, Amanda, who was my roommate in college.

To start, there was a "shower" theme for a couple of reasons.  1.) It goes along with the baby's nickname, and 2.) the Mom to Be is a weather geek.  :)


I served a couple different types of salsa, including a pineapple version, since pineapple has been the MtB's biggest craving, which I found here.

There was all sorts of other good stuff, like veggie pizza, cupcakes, and fruit salsa with cinnamon chips.  And, of course, chocolate pretzel buttons.  And lots of them.

And I am left with way, WAY too many leftover cupcakes.  Plan to bring them to my dad tomorrow.  :)


I went sort of low-key on the games, since I don't have a ton of space.  On the invitation, I asked each guest to bring a onesie that represents herself.  The Mom to Be had to guess who brought which onesie.  It was fun, and Amanda did a great job guessing!

I also made a quick little trivia game in which the Mom to Be answered questions and the guests had to guess how she would answer.  Ashley got the idea from another shower she went to recently.


Our Pinterest addiction led us to several fun ideas that we worked on for the big day.

My favorite was this one.

Not sure why I never repinned it, but I saw this idea on a wedding pinboard.  The tree goes great with the theme for the baby's room, so I had each guest label her thumbprint on the tree.  It turned out really cute!

This pin led me to try to make clouds with raindrops.  They didn't turn out quite as adorable as the pin, but cute nonetheless!

Ashley came up with the great favor idea of making little raindrops out of tulle and m&m's and putting a cocktail umbrella on top.  Adorable!

Aside from all the fun and craftiness, we had the awesome opportunity to catch up with some friends from college that we very rarely see.  We ended up extended the party by several hours just to chat.  What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Today was just one of those great days that is all about someone really special to you who deserves the best.  I will definitely go to bed with a smile on my face tonight!

What did YOU do this weekend?

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  1. WOW! Best shower ever. I must try that pineapple salsa and pretzel buttons!! GREAT JOB...showers are hard to put together!