Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eyes Back on the Half

Well, I finally did it.  I signed up for my next half marathon!

As you might remember, one of my goals for the year is to run a race in every season.  This race will cover Spring for me, as race day is May 20th.

Yay, Spring!  No long sleeves and tights this time around!
My first half marathon was an amazing experience, but, this time around, I want to do several things differently:

  • Incorporate more strength/cross training into my weeks.  I have been doing a lot less running lately, and I have really been enjoying the variety in my XT workouts and the more toned muscles I'm seeing.  I definitely don't want to lost that, and I think it will definitely help my time.
  • Don't become a crazy germa-phobe the week before the race.  I will try, but this will be tough.  I was SO stressed last time!
  • Run with buddies more often.  I really flew solo in training last time, which was good for my first.  I'm worried I will burn out without a buddy this time...maybe a running club?
  • Race without an iPod.  Eeek!  What a scary thought!  However, there will be live music on the course, so it could definitely be doable.
My brother in law does rock at race playlists though...
  • Finish under 2:00.  Another of my goals for the year.  I will be especially excited if this happens, because I plan to...
  • Make my own training plan.  Last time, I used this training plan from Pink Runner.  This time, I want to include some tempo runs and speedwork while gradually increasing my mileage.  I'm having trouble finding a plan that fits everything I want, so I tried to make one of my own.  More about that on Tuesday!
I admit I was dragging my feet a little on signing up for my next half (in fact, I waited so long that my first choice Spring race filled up).  Now that I took the leap, I'm really looking forward getting back into running longer distances.  I looked at my foam roller this morning and that weird?  :)

Any big races coming up?
Has anyone made their own training plan before?  Any suggestions?

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