Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back Behind the lens...

Well... I'm back behind the lens-  sorda.   Thanks to a tip from Amy, I've discovered the Instagram app for android, and it is AMAZING!  I love how I can turn a somewhat dark photo into a really cute photo by using some of the features that Instagram provides.  I can convert some old favorites into "instagram" photos (as long as I've taken them on my phone.)  Amy originally posted about our love for the app here.  I have been trying it out lately mostly using photos of Matt and I, but I'm 'cool' with that.  So anyway, I wanted to share some of the photos in my instagram portfolio, but I'm having some difficulty getting them uploaded from phone to computer, so those will come as soon as I am able to do what I'm trying to do.  For now, I'll continue on to something else I've brought up in this post.  The colors in a photograph... in some ways it really matters and in some ways it really doesn't.  But through my collections i've pulled a few nature photos that fit right in with what everyone is calling "Earth Week" as Earth day approaches.
Yes its pretty.... but did you know that the color of the sky is VERY important to a pilot or the captain of a boat out on the water?  A photo of the sky with coloring like this can be the difference of safety and danger!

 The colors in a photo can also add emphasis to  the pure beauty of innocence. 

Color means camouflage and making nature what it is to most of us.

I'm not one to fight for the rights of the Earth or Nature, but I do find it very important to take care of what we have.... that brings me into the results of my latest photo challenge.
The challenge was- a photo of the biggest difference of me from the past 5 years. 
I picked...some sister pics

I'm aging myself here but these were taken on (and the week after) my 21st birthday..

and these were taken within the past year-

Biggest difference- My hair.... do I miss the bangs??? YES!
Do I miss the unnatural amount of makeup I wore at that time?? NO!

For next week's challenge, a picture that shows why you love living here.

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