Sunday, April 15, 2012

101 Foods

Just the other day, I was chatting about all the foods I refused to eat as a kid, but now, as an adult, really like (or at least am willing to eat).  Then, I stumbled upon this post on Reads, Recipes, Runs, and I figured it would make a great weekend post for me and the picky-eating sister!  :)

At least she's a good sport on New Recipe Night!

This is a list of 100 rather obscure foods, and we're going to see if we've tried them.  I'll go ahead and admit from the start that I had to look up MANY of these!

1. Abalone: No thank you.
2. Absinthe: Nope
Amy: All I can think of it the movie Moulin Rouge, and it freaks me out that I'll see a little green fairy, haha.
3. Alligator: Nope...where do you even get that?
4. Baba Ghanoush: a very good record so far...
5. Bagel and Lox: Nope
Amy: I'm a sweet breakfast kind of girl.
Ashley:  I'm pretty partial to plain bagels..boring I know
6. Baklava:
Amy: Yes!  YUM!
Ashley:  Nope not here.
7. Barbecue Ribs: Yes!  I feel bad for anyone who has to say no to this one.
8. Bellini: Actually, no.
9. Bird’s Nest Soup: Nope.  Had to look this one up.  Was appalled.
Ashley: Haven't had it and i'm not brave enough to look it up... eesh
10. Biscuits and Gravy:
Amy: YES!  LOVE this stuff.  If only it wasn't so terrible for you!  (And yes, I just realized that this completely contradicts my previous statement about being a sweet breakfast kind of girl.)
Ashley:  I've had it and believe it or not, everyone thinks i'm weird that I do NOT like it... i'm not a fan of any breakfast meats (bacon, sausage...)
11. Black Pudding: No.  Another clueless one.
12. Black Truffle: Nope.  Isn't this stuff like wicked expensive?
13. Borscht: Another one that scares me for some reason.
14. Calamari:
Amy: Yep, but not a big fan.  Weird texture.
Ashley:  No Thanks!  I don't even like the smell.
15. Carp:
Amy: Probably, but I don't know for sure.
Ashley:  Nope, I'm very aware of the type of food I'm eating.
16. Caviar:
Amy: I remember way back in 4th grade we got to try things like this because a parent brought it in.  I also remember I had to call my mom to see if I was allergic to any of it, haha.  I don't remember how it tasted at all though.
Ashley:  Nope...better off giving it to someone else.
17. Cheese Fondue:
Amy: Yep.  Made it myself.  Rock star!
Ashley: Yep, thats one thing I do like!
18. Chicken and Waffles:
Amy: Nope.  I'm such a carb-o-holic, that, if put in front of me, I would probably pick around the chicken to get to the waffles.  Kind of like eating only the outside of the corn dog.  It's logic.
Ashley:  Chicken and Waffles??? Makes no sense to me.  Chicken is one food that doesn't go with Breakfast like waffles.
19. Chicken Tikka Masala: Nope.
20. Chile Relleno: Another nope.
21. Chitlins: No, does not sound appealing.  At. All.
22. Churros:
Amy: Yes.  They used to serve these at my school, and I would get hot lunch that day just for that reason.  If it's amazing even in a school cafeteria, you know it's good stuff!
Ashley:  Yep, fantastic!
23. Clam Chowder:
Amy: Kind of shocked that I'm just realizing this, but no.
Ashley:  Whoa I've tried something that Amy has not!  I wasn't a fan.
24. Cognac: Nope.
25. Crab Cakes:
Amy: Yes, and it was just OK.  I'm not a big crab person.
Ashley:  No thanks.
26. Crickets:
Amy: No, although they did have them at my school this week, and I considered giving it a shot.  Considered is the operative word here.
Ashley:  I don't think i'd even consider it.
27. Currywurst: Nope, not a curry fan.
28. Dandelion Wine: Nope.
29. Dulce De Leche:
Amy: Does it count in cake form?
30. Durian: Never heard of it.
31. Eel: Not brave enough for that one yet.
Ashley: Will never be brave enough!!
32. Eggs Benedict:
Amy: For an egg lover, I'm shocked that I have not.
Ashley:  I'm definatly NOT an egg fan like my sister!
33. Fish Tacos:
Amy: Quite possibly my favorite kind of taco.  Not fried though.
Ashley:  I can't get brave enough to try them.
34. Foie Gras: Nope.  Not sure I'm classy enough.
35. Fresh Spring Rolls: Nope.
36. Fried Catfish:
Amy: Yep, at an amazing soul food place in Nashville.  It was, well, amazing.
Ashley:  No thanks.. not a fish person either!
37. Fried Green Tomatoes: Nope.
38. Fried Plantain: Nope
Ashley:  Not fried but I have tried a Plantain.
39. Frito Pie:
Amy: Yes, but not actually in the bag.  Blah.
Ashley:  Again nope
40. Frogs’ Legs:
Amy: Yes, at a cheap-o Chinese buffet in a college town.  Really did taste like chicken.
Ashley:  Frogs' Legs Amy really?  No thank you here.
41. Fugu: Nope! Another one to add to the look-up list!
42. Funnel Cake: And another one to add to the list of things I would have to feel bad for you if you hadn't tried.
Ashley:  yummy!
43. Gazpacho: Does it count when we used to stir up our melty sherbet so it was like soup?  Haha... (We were awesome kids)
44. Goat: Nope. 
45. Goat’s Milk: And nope.
46. Goulash: I don't think so.
Ashley:  No thanks
47. Gumbo:
Amy: Yes, but I don't remember anything about it, haha.
Ashley: Tried it, wasnt a fan because the kind I tried was very spicy.
48. Haggis: No thank you.  Yuck.
49. Head Cheese: Again, no thank you.
50. Heirloom Tomatoes:
Amy: Yep, tomatoes are finally starting to grow on me.
Ashley:  I have tried them, I like tomatoes.
51. Honeycomb:
Amy: I think I tried this on the same day I tried caviar.
Ashley:  The only honeycomb I will eat is cereal  = )
53. Hostess Fruit Pie:
Amy: Only remember ever being able to eat half.  But these were generally off limits in the fridge, because they were for dad's lunch.  :)
Ashley:  AGREE with Amy!! I didn't like them though because I don't like pie.

54. Huevos Rancheros:
Amy: Another shocking no for my egg-lover self.
Ashley:  sounds like heartburn waiting to happen.
55. Jerk Chicken:
Amy: Yep.  Nothing special.  Perhaps I haven't had the good stuff?
Ashley: Tried some of Matts before, not a fan.
56. Kangaroo: No, just had a vision of the one from Winnie the Pooh and it made me sad, haha.
57. Key Lime Pie:
Amy: Yes.  Not a lime fan.
Ashley:  Yeah it was too tart!
58. Kobe Beef:
Amy: I think so.  Again, no big impact on me.
Ashley:  Nope I havn't
59. Lassi:
Amy: Nope, I'm too cheap.
Ashley:  All I can think of when I see lassi is the .25 cent goldfish that my mom called Lassi when we were kids....
60. Lobster:
Amy: Yep.  Kind of feel the same way I feel about crab.
Ashley:  Tried and I didn't like the smell or taste.
61. Mimosa:
Amy: Nope.  Not an orange juice fan.
Ashley:  Yep I've tried them a few times.  Pretty good but can't drink much because I'm not that big of an OJ fan either.
62. MoonPie:
Amy: I think so?
Ashley:  I think so too?
63. Morel Mushrooms:
Amy: Nope, not a big mushroom person.
Ashley:  I can't even stand the thought of a mushroom.
64. Nettle Tea: Nope.
65. Octopus: Can't stand the way it looks.
Ashley:  I cant even try it because its just a cute sea creature.
66. Oxtail Soup: No thank you.
67. Paella:
Amy: No, but have thought about making it.
Ashley:  What is it?
68. Paneer: No...I feel like I need to be more cultured!
69. Pastrami on Rye:
Amy: Actually, no.
Ashley:  Yep I've tried!  Not good.
70. Pavlova: Nope.
71. Phaal: No, another curry situation.
72. Philly Cheese Steak:
Amy: I suppose yes, but never a "real" one.
Ashley:  Nope
73. Pho: Nope.  (Ashley: but for some reason I am really wondering how people come up with these names and Matt keeps asking me why i'm smiling at my computer)
74. Pineapple and Cottage Cheese:
Amy: No, but I might need to try it, like today!
Ashley:  Yep!  I didn't like them mixed but I sure do like them seperate.

Now I'm craving pineapple salsa...great.

75. Pistachio Ice Cream:
Amy: Shockingly enough, I'm not much of an ice cream eater.
Ashley:  Yep I have and I was pretty concerned by the fact its like neon green.
76. Po’ Boy:
Amy: I am, however, a sandwich eater, so yes!
Ashley:  Nope never had it.
77. Pocky:
Amy: No, but I often look at it curiously.  :)
Ashley:  I think I HAVE tried this but I may be thinking something else.
78. Polenta:
Amy: No, but definitely want to try it.  Just don't know how to cook it.
Ashley:  What ever happened to normal food?  = )
79. Prickly Pear:
Amy: Another one from caviar day.  Who knew 4th grade would come in so handy?  :)
Ashley:  Nope
80. Rabbit Stew: No...but maybe if I ever visit District 12.  :)
Ashley:  Sweet Answer Amy!
81. Raw Oysters: Ew, no.
82. Root Beer Float: Yep, yum!
Amy: Remember those popsicles that used to get stuck to our tongues?  Haha!
Ashley:  Yes I remember and it hurt so bad when Mom had to get them off. 
83. S’mores: Uh, yes.  Add it to the list of things we'll feel bad for you for.
84. Sauerkraut:
Amy: Yes.  On a total rueben kick lately.
Ashley:  Amy, I laughed that you just said Rueben... and I do NOT like Sauerkraut.
85. Sea Urchin: Nope.
86. Shark: No.  We need expand our seafood horizons.  :)
Ashley:  I'm very content with my almost nonexistant seafood horizons. 
87. Snail:
Amy: My first thought is "I don't think so," but I'm pretty sure this is somethign I would remember.
88. Snake: No, thank you!
89. Soft Shell Crab: No; kind of creeps me out.
Ashley:  All of these creatures don't belong on plates!
90. Som Tam: Nope.  Actually never even had papaya (yep, I looked it up!).
91. Spaetzle: No, and that puts our German culture to shame.
92. Spam: No, and not sad about it.
93. Squirrel: No...but it wasn't far away with the multiple squirrels I have nearly run over this weekend, haha.
Ashley:  Amy remember that Squirrels have families too!!
94. Steak Tartare: Eek!  No!
95. Sweet Potato Fries: Uh, yes!  Addicted!
96. Sweetbreads: No...who on Earth decided to name something so yucky after something that sounds so good?
97. Tom Yum: Nope.
98. Umeboshi: Another nope.
99. Venison: Our dad is a hunter, so yes.  Yearly, in fact.  Yum!
100. Wasabi Peas:
Amy: I don't do wasabi.  Or peas.  So no.  :)
Ashley:  No Wasabi but I don't mind peas.
101. Zucchini Flowers: Nope.  Intrigued though.
Ashley:  Just recently tried regular Zucchini.

Our totals?
Amy: 32.  Not as bad as I thought!
Ashley: 19... out of 101?  Oh goodness... but like Amy mentioned I'm picky and I think after some of the things I know I havent tried, i'm very content with my "normal" staples... plain Multigrain Cheerios here I come!!

Any interesting stories about some of these foods?
Did you have to look up as many as I did?  :)

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