Friday, April 27, 2012

Why I love Home

Happy Friday to our readers!  This blog entry will be based around my photo challenge from last week. 

Amy gave me the challenge of "A photo of the reason you love living here"  and therefore I'll discuss why I love it here.  I love living in Illinois because we get all 4 seasons.  We get to experience all kinds of weather from REALLY cold to REALLY warm which is kind of a nice change (not that I LIKE cold or super hot weather I'd rather it be right in the middle but that doesn't happen much anywhere.)    I like living in the country because it takes some thinking to figure out ways to stay busy.  We do have to drive to many of the places we want to go unlike city life where you can walk, but there is also much more space to take a walk with out the hustle and bustle of a city pace. 

Who wouldn't love to see pretty sights like this every day!

I also love it here because my family is here, I've always wanted to stay close to my family and I think they appreciate that as well. 

For next week:  A photo of something you really don't like to do!

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