Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

Hello everyone!  Many of you have probably seen Amy's awesome guest post on this blog.  What a cool sister I have!! 

Anyway, this week is my "Spring Break" and I am really keeping myself busy.  For months now I have been saying "OK when I'm on my break, I'll get this....and this....and this... done"  and I'm not going to let myself down. 

When we painted the house a few weeks ago we acquired quite a bit of clutter and things being out of place.  I'm working through that mess and while I do that I've noticed our "abyss" of a storage closet YIKES!  So its time to get serious and do some purging.  Old Wedding brochures ---GONE,  extra catalogs and out dated magazines --- GONE!    I warned Matt that this would NOT be a 1 day project and it sure is not going to only take me one day, so here goes.

** All embarrassment aside** this is what I was faced with when opening the closet door.  My step grandmother made the towel cake for me for my bridal shower and she has since passed away and I'm finding it extremely difficult to take apart something she was so proud to have made me. 

oy vey!

So the work has begun... this is what it looked like mid-project.   How two people have this much stuff I'll never know! 

And... this is the final product!  All done!
Then, I went to the next room and onto the next project.  With a powered up drill in hand I took down these temporary paper window coverings and I put up ....

                        Our lovely cellular shades that have been hanging out in their box for way too long.
Guest room is complete! 

Photo Challenge:  Something that exhausts me just looking at it;  Aside from what i've posted above lets say
this picture:   I don't know if I will ever become a runner.  This business is NOT easy!

                                          maybe I'm just meant to be a sideline cheerleader!

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