Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Routine Runner

I'm a routine kind of girl. I like consistently, I'm a planner, and I find comfort in knowing what's next. For me, running is no different. As you know, I plan my training WELL in advance. After a long day of teaching, squeezing in a run is not always easy, so I'm pretty routine about this as well. So, here is a little about my least on school days:

  • Leave school at a reasonable time. Always a bit of a challenge, but I make running a priority. In a way, I treat it like a part-time job.
  • Change into running clothes as soon as I get home.. If I wait, I start to find excuses to skip my run. Skipping my run will certainly ruin my night, as I would definitely feel crazy guilty.  Plus, I know how good I feel after a run, so it's not worth skipping.
  • Put on compression sleeve (right leg only!), set phone workout (if needed), and head out the door.
  • Walk for a minute or two, then get moving!
  • Finish running, turn off RunKeeper app, and walk it off for a minute or two.

  •  Stretch.. Always the same stretches, always the same spot.
  • Head inside, shower, and make dinner.. Then, spend the evening relaxing!

So, my routines have gotten me to wondering if all runners are a little bit routine. So, I'd love to hear from you...what are your running routines?

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