Thursday, March 8, 2012

All about the light...or is it?

Now that I have a reason to really get into photography, I find myself really wanting to take a course to learn to make my photos worthy of being hung up on the wall.  A few times a week, I login to Pinterest and look at the photography boards of a bunch of people.  Some days I find a ton of inspirational photos, and other days not so much, but, lately, I've been really into nature photos.  If only nature was a little more predictable and didn't move so fast. 

Anyway, tonight the moon is HUGE up in the sky.  I saw it while I was driving home today and wanted to stop and take a picture but didn't think that the car behind me would like that very much, so I kept going and tried to snap a picture when I got home.  My little point and shoot camera just wasn't having the distance and wasn't letting me snap a clear picture without the flash on, so no pictures of that.  I stood out on my patio, frustrated, wishing I had the big camera to lug around that could zoom in on the moon and make people oohh and ahh when they saw the picture... NO LUCK.  So I found myself thinking that if the light was a little better, I could get a good picture... (now thinking) Well duh if it was light out there would be no moon ya dork! 

So anyway.. I've been going round and round in my own head asking --- is it REALLY all about the light? 

I've gone through my collections of photos (and yes I have many!) and found some photos that really are all about the light!

My own challenge to myself for next week is to figure out how to make my point and shoot camera take pictures like a big SLR camera!  I still have some more saving to do before I'm able to lug around the camera and take the classes that will teach me how to use it but...for now I'll keep trying to take a good picture of the moon!    dreaming....   = )

Photo Challenge Results:  
Challenge:  A photo of a day I thought was going to go very badly but actually turned out OK.

May 9, 2009-  My Graduation day.  I was set to graduate at 5:00 PM which left me all day to DREAD it, and I sure did.  A huge arena packed to the brim with people who don't even know me but will be hearing my name being called... watching me and 1 other person cross the stage to be handed an empty diploma cover.  That minute or two of my life was extremely important but just didn't seem to be worth my time, hours sitting waiting for ONE minute.  I remember begging my mom to allow me to NOT walk at Graduation and her saying "you have to you worked so hard for this."  I remember asking Amy how many stairs there were to get to the stage (wondering how many chances I had to trip and humiliate myself).  I remember spelling out our last name letter by letter and writing 2 different ways to pronounce it CORRECTLY... and it turns out that lining up with the 40 girls that I spent 2 years of my life with was one of the best moments of my life (yes that's correct...when your major is Early Childhood you do spend two years of your life in classes of only females).  We had so much in common that we never really let sink in until we we faced with that big stage, crossing over to our future.  By 7pm that night, it was all done--no tripping, no falling, no humiliation, no mispronouncing my name... just me... the college graduate-  with my empty diploma cover and a whole lotta memories!

Alrighty time for next week's challenge...let's reverse this week.

How about something that reminds you of a day that kind of sucked...but now you can laugh about it.

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