Sunday, March 25, 2012

These are a few of our favorite things!

Weekends are for sister dates (both on our blog and in real life, haha).  After a fun "sister date" yesterday (Amy and I went to see The Hunger Games movie and then enjoyed some delicious dinner at Cheesecake Factory).  We've decided to do a blog about some of our favorite things!!

Favorite book:
Ashley:  I'm a fan of all books written by Nicholas Sparks, but my favorite of his is The Rescue.
Amy: No surprise that I became a middle school English teacher when you hear my favs:  Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott, and The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton.

Favorite food:
Ashley:  Pasta!
Amy: It's probably the world's most boring answer, but I LOVE bread.  I could seriously make a meal of it, if I didn't know anything about nutrition and was OK with being hungry within an hour, lol.

Favortie article of clothing:
Ashley:  I love my NIU hoodies, warm and cozy!
Amy: I LOVE long tank tops...not sure why.

Favorite time of day:
Ashley:  I like evenings, about 7pm, because the work day is over, most times dinner is made, eaten and cleaned up, and I can relax and reflect on the day. If it was a good day I like telling Matt the funny stories; if it wasn't that great of a day I usually just enjoy some quiet time.
Amy: I started off saying a "ditto" to Ashley's, but when I think about it, I am becoming more and more of a morning person.  Nothing better than my quiet time on weekends eating breakfast and drinking coffee.

Favorite thing to do:
Ashley:  Lately I've really enjoyed having time to read books and of course blogs!
Amy: I really like going on long walks and talking with people I care about...cheesy, I know.

Favorite vacation spot:
Ashley: I haven't been on many vacations too far from home.  One place that I know I look forward to is Wisconsin.   Matt and I go to Vegas this week, my first time on an airplane and my first time in Vegas! 
Amy: The more I think about it, the more amazing I think New York is.  I would love to go back...but I have lots of other places to check off my list first!

Favorite spot to be in your house:
Ashley:  I am most comfortable in the living room or my bedroom if I want quiet.
Amy: I love my little corner spot on the couch.  My bed is also pretty awesome.  And...I love sitting on my back porch on a nice day.  Hm...I pretty much like all the places in my house!  :)

Favorite item in your posession:
Ashley:  My photo albums are by far my favorites becuase I put a lot of work into all of them, and I enjoy looking through pictures over and over.
Amy: Hmm...well I pretty much love my Kindle.  I do, however, have little items that make me think of different people that I find really special.  My birthstone ring, my maid of honor book from Ashley's wedding, etc.

Favorite childhood memory:
Ashley:  I have many favorite memories, but I think that my favorite would be being able to go back outside to play after dinner in the summer because it stayed light outside until almost 9pm.
Amy: The first ones to pop into my head were having indoor picnics with my mom and Ashley and playing games with my Dad.  :)

Favorite TV show:
Ashley:  Total fan of The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars.
Amy: Right now, I am sooo into The Biggest Loser.  I'm also quite the Gleek!  :)

Favorite movie:
Ashley:  I could watch and rewatch the movie UP.  Its so cute and such a good story.
Amy: I'm not a huge movie person, but I really like Batman Begins, Shakespeare in Love, and the Transformers movies.  Quite an interesting mix...huh?

Favorite work out:
Ashley:  I like going for walks... I'm almost to the point where I might start doing my Couch to 5k program.  I'm following the plan I found here.
Amy: Running.  Hands down.  Although I do miss spin class!

Favorite accessory:
Ashley:  The necklace that Amy made me for Christmas!  She blogged about them on this post.
Amy: My go-to is always my knock-off (oops...secret's out!) Tiffany's necklace that looks like a ribbon.  I get lots of compliments on it, and it has an important meaning for me.

Favorite cosmetic must-have:
Ashley:  Eye liner!  I never used to wear it, but now I feel like my eyes look tired if I don't use it to open them up.
Amy: Mascara.  If I'm not wearing it, I feel like I look sick.

Favorite part of your job:  
Ashley:  Making memories.
Amy: Those unexpected moments when you realize you're making a difference.

Favorite thing to do on a summer day:
Ashley: It doesn't happen often, but a few times a summer Matt and I will go to the zoo... it's super fun! 
Amy: Sit outside with people I love and chat.  So relaxing!

These are just some of our favorite things (shout out to Julie Andrews!), now we want to know what are some of your favorite things??

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