Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Once...Now I..

Weekends are pretty fun for us here on the blog, as we write this post together.  It's always fun (and a little challenging) to come up with something to write about.  This week, we thought we'd take a little peek into how we've changed over the years.  I (Amy) am up first:

I once...danced ballet.  Very briefly.

Pretty enthusiastic ballerina pose.
Now I...spend a couple of Friday nights every school year teaching my students some pretty sweet moves (i.e. the shopping cart and sprinkler) at dances.

I once...was told by my dad to pick Florida to win the NCAA tournament.  I didn't.  They won.  Amy's bracket was ruined.

Now I...will certainly be calling my dad for his pick before I finalize my bracket!  :)

I once...dreamed of having a big brother.

Now I...have a pretty fantastic brother in law to watch sports and kibitz (haha) with!

Ashley's turn!

I used to …. Hate all sports
Now I…. look forward to Hockey games and baseball season

I used to…. Dread gym class and stressed out about it immensely
Now I… am trying to come up with a fun exercise routine and am totally stress free about it!

I used to… complain about a lot of things which caused a lot of drama in my life
Now I… don’t sweat the small stuff (at least not AS much) and I pick my battles.

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