Sunday, March 4, 2012

Goal Update!

Since we're now starting the third month of the year 2012, it's time for us to update all of you on how we are doing with our 2012 goals and resolutions!

We originally posted our resolutions here and we posted a short update about them here.

So I (Ashley) will start with updating you with my goals and resolutions.


1.  Finish painting my house:  We are well on our way to doing this... We start next Monday but have been working hard on picking our colors... our walls currently look like this.. OY!

We're thinking about using color number 2 or 3 for our accent color.  Sample #1 is completely out of the running.

Goal #2- Establish a work out routine that I look forward to following. 
March 1st was my start date for figuring out something that will work for me.  At this point I still haven't discovered anything I look forward to doing but have convinced myself I HAVE to do this.  Even if it works for me, I know it's OK to change it up, and I plan to if I get bored!

Goal #3 Organize my life:  Progress has been made with this mostly organizing storage and closets.  Once the house painting project is complete, the organization will be complete, and I will post before and after pictures.  I can't wait!!

Resolution:  Get back in touch with old friends.
Still working on this resolution.  I have made great strides with a few people and still hope to plan a mini reunion in the summer!

Amy's turn!

1. Actually complete either my workout room or my office.  March is the big month for this one!  I have a big list of things to get at Ikea, a budget set, and a color scheme all ready to rock.  I'm thinking next weekend would be an excellent time for a shopping spree (hint, hint, Ashley!).

2. Start a retirement savings account.  Still on hold.  Waiting until the office is finished to focus my money this way.

3. Run a sub-2:00 half marathon.  On my way!  Registered for the race- check!  Training plan created- check!  Started training this week and have definitely been committed, seeing as I ran in this:

Didn't fall!  Gotta celebate the little victories. :)
4. Run a race in every season.  Ran my winter race earlier in the month.  Now, I've got my sights set on my spring race on May 20th.  Also considering the Shamrock Shuffle...hmm...

5. Go meatless one day per week.  So far, so good!  Actually, I'm doing two meatless days a week now because of Lent, and I felt like counting Friday as my meatless day too would be cheating.  I'm a little crazy.  :)

Resolution: Spend more time appreciating what I have than worrying about what I don't.  Again, there are good days and bad.  No arguing, though, my life rocks.

See ya later, February!  You sure were fun!
How was YOUR February?  Did anything exciting happen?

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