Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Have you ever found yourself wishing there were more hours in a day?  The feeling that your life is going much faster than you can, and the end of the "to-do" list seems impossible to get to?  I find myself feeling that way often lately.  Then I tell myself stop... if there were more hours in a day, I'd find more ways to fill those hours, which would add to my never ending "to-do" list.  I'm  pretty fortunate that I have help accomplishing tasks but I still like things done my way so I choose to do most things myself.   Now that our house is done being painted I have found the project list growing by leaps and bounds and figured I'd bring my list to our blog for thoughts from all of you. 

I posted some pictures of our finished bedroom and the staircase here , the rest of the house was done in Sherwin-Williams: Bungalow Beige so the color doesn't show well in photographs.  Our biggest project now is our accent wall painted in Sun dried Tomato , also by Sherwin-Williams. 

I know this wall needs something.... I have a big mirror that I am thinking about hanging in the open space but Matt votes a large vintage looking clock (of course another thing to remind me there really are only 24 hours in a day)  So we need help!  A Mirror?  A clock?  or something totally different.  We are looking to hang something in the area where the big annoying glare from the light is... this glare isn't always there just in pictures I guess.

So now that we may get a little boost helping us with that project, I'll go back to the comment I made earlier about wishing there was more time in a day.   The sun rises and sets on all of us the same and there are people less fortunate than I am, so I'll take life as it comes to me even if I feel like I can't keep up.

Since my goal of painting the house has been met I just want to add a quick update on my workout routine.  The weather has turned over a new leaf and getting outside is awesome.  I've bumped myself up to a 2 mile comfortable/brisk paced walk and my goal for this week is to add that 3rd mile.  Once I'm comfortable with a 3 mile walk I want to go back down to a 1 mile walk/jog and move up from there.  I'm actually kind of excited to accomplish this goal!!

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