Thursday, March 1, 2012

Make em' Care

In the world of photography, the options are endless: you can photograph anything, you can glorify something that is typically not fun to look at, and you can also use a photo to add effect to a given situation.  When something happens around the world, people are drawn to the event through the photos taken of the people and the events, whether good or bad.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to a picture because images look different to everyone-- what one person may want hung on the wall may be only good enough to throw in the trash to others--, but one thing never fails, a photo is the ONE thing that can really make people care.  I think of all the ways I'd want my photos to be displayed some day, and I also think that the "bigger," the better when it comes to a photo I love.  So out of the photos I've taken or have had taken of me, I'll share some of the ones that have made me care.
This photo taken from above the trees, and it seems there is no end.  It makes me care, care in the respect of this photo- rise above- and set your sights on the horizon...don't settle for what is in front of you, because there's so much in the distance, and sort through the layers.  Just as this photo has layers and each does something else for the world, each goal can have a layer that will do something positive for yourself or those around you.

                                      Family- Because they give you so much to care about!

 Care for those who care for us.  It's so easy to forget unless you are reminded, so remind yourself to care for those who care. 

Photo Challenge:
A photo of my goal

My result:
My goal was to begin on a track to train myself to become a runner and accomplish a 5K with Amy at some point in the future.  I know it is going to take me awhile to get to the point where she is, and I have done most of my planning on my own... but hopefully in the future this picture can be retaken, and I can be holding a medal of my own!

Amy here...before I add my challenge I must say YAYYYYYY!  It's on the blog, so it's official!  5K, Summer 2012?

OK, on to the challenge:

How about a photo of a day you thought would be bad, but turned out great?

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