Friday, May 4, 2012

Breaking Point

I, in no way, shape or form want to be a blog complainer.  I don't want to make anyone NOT enjoy reading this blog therefore even though I'm at my breaking point I have got to make the best of it.

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While it's a good quote makes me wonder how NOT to wait for better days.  I've often found myself wondering how far I can bend before I break and now I'm filled with that broken feeling.  Through all of the events that have dragged me down, caused me unstoppable tears and throughally exhausted me this week, I find myself thinking of the 5k I walked (Amy ran) with my family this past weekend and wanting to get back out there and do that kind of stuff. 

As stated in the post about it HERE , it was done as a research benefit for SIDs.  To that family when the unthinkable happened I can only imagine nothing was much worse for that point things can only get better.... right?  So I've made the pact with myself that I can't just let the world and unfortunate events run my life , instead I have to let the good things in my life run the world.  Therefore, when things start to shift and I feel like it's spirling out of control I WANT to find beneficial causes like this to help the world of others becuase it helps me too.   It makes me feel better becuase it actually was a really good work out/walk for me and it made someone somewhere happy because now the research that is left undone can be started!  After how proud I was of myself for beating my goal and not wanting to crash afterwards,  I've even got Matt looking into things like this and wanting to help now saying "I want to do the next one with you!"    I may never be a runner like Amy is, and each day I'm more and more OK with that because really.... what does it matter, if you're there, you pride yourself in the reason you wake up and do good for the world that should really be what matters most. 

Time to pick myself up, dust myself off and

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Photo Challenge:  Something you really don't like to do?

Photo result:

I really do NOT like to cook...I like to bake and I like to try new recipes but the whole process of chopping, dicing, measuring, mixing, scooping, pouring and planning the meal is just not my cup of tea! 
and NO I do not wear an apron when I fact this picture was only a joke becuase I had just spilled flour all over myself and had to find some way to laugh about the mess....

What do you do to feel better when you you are at your breaking point??? 

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