Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eventful Sunday

The two of us have had quite an eventful Sunday!

Our day started at about 5 am when we had to wake up to get ready to head to Amy's 2nd half marathon.

The weather in Chicago is always an interesting experience, and this Sunday was no exception.  The start time got changed multiple times, and ended up starting pretty early due to the heat predicted for the day.

Amy was all decked out in her pink to make sure she was easily seen.  She will update more on the race in a couple of days, but, long story short, the weather was too warm for running, but pretty great for cheering!

After the race, coffee was indeed a necessity.

Soon enough, it was time to head home for naps and relaxation.  Amy, however, had promised dinner to Matt and Ashley in exchange for them being super helpful by picking up her race packet.  Enter a restaurant Amy  has been wanting to try for quite awhile: Which Wich!

We had intended to do a New Recipe Night, but a 5 am start to the day just did not give us the motivation to cook.  So, we called this a New Restaurant Night. We all agreed we would definitely go back.  You get a cute little bag and fill out everything you want on your sandwich.  Amy was thrilled to have her black bean burger after a couple days of carbing up!

How was your Sunday?
Is it hot where you are?

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