Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sisters through photography

I want to take the time to focus on part of the reason the title of this blog is "Sisters, Spaces and Stuff"  more-so the SISTER aspect of that.  Throughout our lives Amy and I have been compared and told how similar we are.  I think we're very different in many ways but in some ways exactly alike.   In my post last week, feeling like everything was spinning out of control, Amy took the initiative and in one way that we are similar we turned to dessert to feel better and on our "fro yo outing"  I began to feel much better about everything.   So I'll take this opportunity to write a little bit about what it means to be a sister and to HAVE a sister.

 Being a sister is....

  •                  Never worrying about not having a friend because you always will.
  •                  Kind of like a live in memory book... if I've forgotten, chances are she's remembered.
  •                  Someone who doesn't think you're weird because she probably has some of the same querks as  you do...
  •                  It's an easy shoe in for choosing the maid of honor in your wedding, and knowing she will do a good job with her duties.

  • A sister is motivation
  • A go to person
  • Someone you are able to laugh with about stupid things (like flipping off the couch) when we were kids in the house while trying not to get caught by our parents.
  • Like a mirror image of yourself even if you're as different as hamburgers and hot dogs...

  •                 A built in cheerleader.... even when its cold and rainy out.   

  •     Someone that will (almost) always forgive you after a fight

and when

shes more than likely going to remind me   = )

This week roles have reversed... if you noticed last week I didn't have a photo challenge challenge to Amy is to : Give me a challenge for next week.  = )

Ok next weeks challenge is:  Something you didn't expect.

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