Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mock Race Day

As with my first half marathon, my longest run (in my case, a 12-miler), which was Saturday, was also my "mock race." 

For starters, on Thursday and Friday, I tried out my carbo-loading plan.  I wrote about it here last week.  I'll admit I deviated from the plan.  Here's what I ate with approximate carb counts:

Breakfast: Cookie Dough Cereal from Fitnessista and toast (92 g)
Snack: Apple and coffee (25 g)
Lunch: Tuna with Rice and cheese, plus an apple, a granola bar, and a handful of check mix (teacher's lounges are FULL of snacks at this time of year!) (95 g)
Snack: PB Sandwich (40 g)
Dinner: Salad and Chicken Sandwich from Panera (91 g)
Thursday Carb Total: about 350...way off from the 520 ish I was shooting for

Breakfast: Overnight Yogurt Oats with Banana (75 g)
Snack: Apple, PB pretzels, and coffee (36 g)
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich with yogurt and pretzels (85 g)
Dinner: Pasta, chicken, and potatoes, plus cake (yay for retirement parties!) (143 g)
Dessert: Frozen yogurt with toppings (65 g)
Friday Carb Total: about 415 g...still way off

The next morning, I got up and at my race day breakfast of toast with PB and banana.  Then, I waited two hours (about as long as I will need to wait between breakfast and the start of the race) and headed out for my run.

Let me tell you, it wasn't easy.  I did three 4-mile loops, stopping for a quick water break after the first, and some water with two Fig Newtons on the second.  I decided against the Gu or the beans this time.  I wanted something that felt a little less "fake."  They seemed to do the trick.

When all was said and done, with walk/drink/snack breaks, I finished 12.06 miles in 1:48:57...right on pace for my sub-2 hour goal!

So, here is what I learned from the mock race:

I need to carb up better.  I'm hoping that if I get a little closer to the carb count I was shooting for the fatigue will hold off a little longer.

Bring on the muffins!

My running shorts will not work.  Definitely uncomfortable for that distance.  Currently trying out something new.  Any suggestions would be super helpful!

Make sure to time my snack near a water stop.  The Fig Newtons seemed to work, but hard to eat fast without water.

T-minus 11 days until my next half marathon!  Can't wait!  :)  Hopefully I will hit that time and get the big thumbs-up from my favorite cheerleader!

Do you run a "mock race," or am I crazy?

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