Thursday, May 24, 2012

View from the outside

Hi All!  Hope you guys are staying cool if it is warm where you are!
First I want to touch on my perspective of the half marathon Amy ran this past weekend.  I think I was more nervous for her that day than I was on my own wedding day.  I was watching my clock, and just crossing my fingers to see her burst of pink "runner-ness" come up and over the hill of the finish line.  I stationed Matt at the top of the hill so he would see her coming and signal for me to start watching (and also because he is the loudest in the cheering squad so he would give her the energy boost until she got to me because I'm 2nd loudest), I stood in the middle where I could see the race clock AND get a picture of her crossing the finish line.  A good friend of ours brought her baby to cheer too so she stationed herself with my mom on the other side of the finish line in the shade.   I've also discovered that I'm like the "soccer mom" at Amy's races, this race I knew it was going to be warm, so I packed a BACKPACK, yes a backpack, with snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses and a bottle of water for everyone in our cheering squad, and 3 different maps of the course.  I had planned that we would see her cross the starting line, then walk about 1/2 mile to what would be  mile 8 (It was a water stop so I knew she would slow down as to not spill her water and to safely eat her snack), then we walked another 1/2 mile back to the finish line to cheer for the ending of the race.    Smart "race mom" YES!  Dorky?  Maybe... Will I ever drive the stereotypical "soccer mom" mini van? NOPE!  I can say that I know I couldn't run a race in 2 hours and 3 minutes, and I will forever admire Amy's stamina.  I can say I'm just as glad as she is that its over.  I'll be there to cheer on anytime I can be and I'm always sure to mark her races in my calendar even if they are just "might run" or "maybe" but running in the heat made me scared for her!   Onto the next adventure (which I'm fine if its a little bit cooler outside!)

Pre-Race... not too bad yet but......

I'll take this!!

Since this post is already wordy I just want to share some pictures that also go along with the title of this blog...

Some scary storm clouds on our horizon.

and photo challenge:  Something Funny-

I'll let Matt be part of the blog today.... It's a known fact that I LOVE to people watch, I just love it, and it never fails that there is ALWAYS someone at any show or concert that we go to that make us laugh because their dance moves are simply awful.  When we went to Vegas in April we went to a concert and there was a lady there who thought she was just an angelic dancer, during a certain song she just kept making the same face that Matt is making in the picture above and we were laughing so hard it definitely made a memory for the memory books!

Next photo challenge??    Something Old

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