Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sisters: Crafting Fun!

Now seems like a great time to recap our crafting projects from Sunday.  Amy realized that because she is in her own house she needs more holiday decorations, therefore she set up the day with the creative name "Christmas Craft-stravaganza."  We decided that about 3 projects would be a fair amount to start with, and our mom joined in as well.  We got most of our ideas from Pinterest.

I'd make a liar out of myself to say everything was flawless,  because we did have quite a few issues-- spray paint running off of a glass bottle to the primer that stuck to the bottle running out completely, paint everywhere, things knocked on the floor.  We gave up on a few ideas, but, regardless, we hope to make it an annual tradition.  Here is what we came up with!

This is my shadow box.  I bought the shadow box and fillers at Hobby Lobby and used my cricut machine to make the letters.

Amy had some trouble painting her bottles to create her first project so she chose to move to her next project-- a clay pot Christmas tree.  It took some time for the paint to dry; this is the "in progress" photo.

Amy also created memory ornaments!  She put some white paint into a glass ball ornament and used a silver Sharpie to write memories from the year.  She had quite the year this year, and that was a great idea for a memoir!

I created a set of coasters using the base of a clay pot and an etched mirror.  I also created a photo frame on a candle stick, now just to find the perfect picture to put in it!

Amy and I agree this project of my mom's was a great idea!  She's going to use it as a cupcake stand.

When I got home, I decided to create a last-minute project that I didn't originally plan to make.  I printed out one of my favorite photos on a piece of vellum paper and used Mod-Podge to paste it on a glass candle holder.  It is one of my favorite decorations in my house right now!

Today I am thankful for the giggle of a child.  That particular sound made my day great and made it fly by.

Amy's turn!  Today I'm thankful for baking.  I find it so therapeutic, and it's great having snacks to show for it!  :)

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