Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stuff: Seven Days Away

Well, folks, the countdown is on.  In only seven days, I am running my FIRST HALF MARATHON!

As I mentioned the last time I posted about running, if you had told me years ago that I was going to do this, I would call you a liar.  But, life sometimes throws you a curveball, and running was a good focus for me during some difficult times.  Now, it's developed into a passion of mine and an amazing source of confidence.

Running in Central Park= awesome!

In 2011, my goal for myself was to run a 10K.  Over the summer, I got to focus more on my running and decided to try some longer distances than I had in the past (three and four miles, with the occasional six thrown in there--but only with a friend--were pretty much my limit).  After seeing some success with adding distance, I started toying with the idea of trying a half marathon instead of a 10K.

So, the Internet research began.  And I found this training plan from Pink Runner.  My biggest fear about half marathon training was not having it fit into my crazy work weeks during the school year.  This plan looked like one I could actually do, and so I decided this could happen.  I started looking for races, found one close to home in 14 weeks, and got this party started!

Thanks to my friend Kenny for taking this one at my most recent 5K.

The training plan was for 12 weeks, but starting 14 weeks before the race has worked out well for me.  I repeated a couple of weeks because of my sister's wedding and my New York trip, which kind of threw off my routine.

And now, here I am, only a week away from the big day!

I am soooo excited!

Yet, I am soooo nervous!  I have become an even worse germ-a-phobe than I already am in fear of getting sick and not being able to run (*knock on wood*, cross your fingers for me, and all that good stuff).

I feel so fortunate for my little cheering section that is forming to come out and support me.

I *think* I'm ready.

And now, I need to go run.  Can't ditch the training plan now!
Today, I am thankful for dancing.  I had a super fun afternoon with some students and other teachers yesterday.  Definitely the start of a great weekend!

  Today, I am thankful for craft shows!  I look forward to the beginning of Autumn up until Thanksgiving simply because there is a craft show every weekend somewhere near my house.  I may not always buy something, but I get inspirational ideas from the people there.  I am one of those people that loves to give gifts that no one else can give.  Therefore most of my unique ideas come from craft shows!! 

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