Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spaces: Upcoming Craft-stravaganza!

Amy and I have put together the idea of our first annual Christmas Craft-Stravaganza.  Both being in new houses this year we are in need of some things to decorate our houses with and what better things to decorate with than things we have hand made ourselves!!  So we've taken some ideas from Pinterest and are going to put them into action this upcoming weekend. 

Here is a preview of what I plan to make!

Photo frames on candle sticks.

   and wooden hearts painted with chalkboard paint for ornaments and gift tags!

I (Amy), have some projects up my sleeve as well:

I'm really excited to get to develop my own Christmas decorating "theme," and I want to go with a silver/white sort of thing.  I'll have other things mixed in, of course, but I just think the silver and white is so pretty!  This project is from bhg.com, but the link I click on Pinterest gives me an error.  Looks like I'm coming up with this tutorial on my own!

Ashley and I have been saving up wine bottles for months, so I think this project project will be a great use for them.  Now just to find some elegant things to put in them!

This is my first time having my own Christmas tree, so I will be making LOTS of ornaments to decorate it.  This idea (from mommysavers.com...Pinterest link is broken) is one of my absolute favorites...you write memories from  the year on it.  I think this will be a great tradition, and I'm picking an amazing year to start it!  I'm thinking a white ornament with silver Sharpie?

We can't wait for the Craft-stravaganza!  It's gonna be epic!

On to being thankful!  Ashley first...

Today I am thankful for feeling appreciated.  I started my day today with a message from my boss saying how much i'm appreciated for the hard work I do every day and it put me in the best mood.

And now Amy...

I am thankful for to-do lists!  Even if there is a lot on it, somehow having it on a list makes me less stressed.

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