Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stuff: NYC-The Next Episode

Over the weekend, I brought you up to speed on the first part of my awesome trip to NYC. I am to tell you about the rest of the trip!  I've been reading so many blogs about the NYC might say I'm in a New York state of mind (har-de-har-har).

The next, and last, full day of our trip to New York started off with a run in Central Park. Running geek that I am, this was on my must-do list, and it was amazing!

Here I am, smiling it up as a run.  My running buddy was tired, so I was running up the hills and back to get the adrenaline pumping.  :)  Just seeing Central Park was not enough for me...running was the way to go!

Of course, we had to stop every once in awhile to take in the scenery.
After our amazing Central Park experience, we stopped for bagels...also amazing.  Then cleaned up and went for another long walk through the city to Serendipity, the restaurant from the movie.
The wait was pretty long, so we ended up getting dinner along with the dessert we intended to get.  It was...notice a theme in this post?...amazing!  Possibly the best carrot cake ever...and this girl knows her carrot cake!

Finally, we capped off our NYC trip with tickets to The Lion King.  It has been my dream for YEARS to see a show on Broadway, and it was definitely all that I dreamed it would be.

All I am basing this on is my memories of the show, but I swear this theater is where TRL used to be filmed back in the day...what do you think?

All in all, I'm so glad I decided to spend the money and go on this trip.  It was truly living a dream of mine.  So, needless to say, today I am thankful for the opportunity to see New York City and have a great time.

How about you?
Today I am thankful for siblings... Amy and I have a very close bond but every day I watch 2 little boys (brothers) establish the bond of a sibling and its very special to watch it all unfold.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS I am loving your blog. Isn't NY the best....I want to go back ASAP! I am so happy you got to see Lion King!

  2. I love running through Central Park - not a dork at all - awesome!!