Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sisters: New Recipe Night- Amy's Choice!

Tonight it was Amy's turn to choose a recipe for New Recipe Night.  Since the weather is getting cooler, she decided to try something we haven't done before.  We made a black bean and butternut squash soup from Clean Eating Chelsey that we agree was very good.  It was a little bit spicy while being a little bit sweet at the same time.  Definitely two thumbs up!

The hardest part was peeling and cubing the squash...and waiting for it to be done! :)

The rest of the vegetables cooking in the pot before we added the beans and squash.

The finished product!  (excuse the blurry picture)

We approve!  If you can't tell...Amy is blowing on her soup, not simply making strange faces.

Today, Ashley is Thankful for Scotch Blue Painters tape!  Without it, painting my bathroom today would have proven to be much more difficult.  The post about the painting to follow!

Amy's Turn: Today I am thankful for New Recipe Night!  It is always something special to look forward to.  :)

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