Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spaces: Changes in Ashley's house

I've had a lot more free time since my wedding has came and gone.  I've had time to look around my house and think about what needs to be done to make it less of a house and more of a home.  I wanted to start out adding more things "to scale" in the house.  And figured that our little table in the kitchen was a great place to start.  I didn't want the wall to be bare when we first moved in so I added a little couch table to the space.   It just started to look too small so Matt and I headed to ikea to pick up a new shelf for the kitchen. 
I didn't waste any time getting started with the building process...

This is where we started......

after the box was emptied...this is what I had to work with there are some additional big pieces that were not included in this photo.   (The cardboard is not part of the shelf).

In progress...

It's complete!!  Next up now is bigger baskets for storage.

Matt and I are still getting used to this new and bigger piece of furniture but it's growing on us and looks much better in the space!   I love how the options for using it are endless!  We can change the baskets, add more or remove them completely.  I've also decided that this shelf will become a display for my holiday decorations. 

I've also been busy adding these saddle back bar stools from JCPenney to our kitchen for additional seating!

And finally: 
Today I am thankful for sleep.   It's been a long day and I can not wait for a goodnight sleep!

Amy's turn!

Today I am thankful for the rain.  It's kind of cozy being cooped up in here...

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