Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Catch Up Time: Photo Challenge

For those of you following:  These are the last few photos of my photo challenge found here.

Day 15: Silver Bells

Day 16: A Hippopotamus

      Day 17:  Under the mistletoe (We don't hang any so...no photo here!)

          Day 18:  A Cup of Cheer- Reused photo- the one I had planned wont show up for some reason

          Day 19:  Toys in every store

Day 20:  A Winter Wonderland -  We haven't gotten much snow, but we did get a heavy frost a few weeks ago that looked really pretty on the trees around my house.

Day 21: Tiny Tots with their eyes all a glow-  a little man who is very dear to my heart helping my husband Matt decorate our Christmas tree.

Day 22:  Holiday Greetings-  Look familiar?  My moms creation.  A Holiday dessert stand covered with greetings.

Day 23:  A shining star-  We didn't put a star on top of our tree this year, but some people believe that stars in the night sky are angels glowing... This angel has been in the family since Amy and I were kids.

Day 24:  Children Sleeping
Little precious

Day 25:  The Number 25.... Lets face it... We all know what the number 25 looks like.  I had plenty of ideas for this photo but decided that I would skip it to avoid boring our readers.

This photo challenge was fun, it caused me to think a lot so my photos weren't the same as a "typical" photo. I will probably do a more generalized Photo Challenge in the near future!!

Until Next time.....

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