Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh, Oatmeal

I am trying to eat healthy these days...not necessarily to lose weight, but because I like the way I feel when I do.  I have always been a HUGE fan of breakfast--I would eat it for every meal of the day.  My mom was asking me for some breakfast ideas the other day (she is a toast and yogurt eater, which SO would not do it for me), so I thought I'd do a post of some of the healthy breakfasts that I have been loving lately.

I am a sweet breakfast sort of girl, and it has to hold me over for the morning.  If I get too hungry before lunch, it throws off my whole day.

Ashley and her husband always make fun of me for loving oatmeal...so prepare yourself for several of those.

Giant bowl of oatmeal stumbled upon while walking through NYC...obvious photo-op.
So here are some of my fav's, in no particular order:

Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oatmeal from Get Healthy with Heather

My teaching schedule requires me to get up super early, so making breakfast is not in the cards.  I pretty much love all things PB/banana, and I like my oatmeal a little on the thicker side, so I love this one!

Oatmeal Protein Pancake from Carrots 'n Cake

I don't make it with protein powder, as I think it makes it a little too tough.  Instead, I top it with PB and banana...mmm.  I make it the night before and toss it in the fridge.

Pumpkin Protein Frosting from Healthy Diva Eats

I totally did not expect to like this, but it is amazing.  Pretty much the first thing I make with leftover pumpkin.  I put some on a banana or waffle.

Breakfast Cookie from The Fitnessista

Another awesome overnight breakfast.  I make mine with dried cranberries in it (tried pumpkin, but it made it too soft).  I usually top it with some--you guessed it--banana.

Flax Crusted French Toast from Carrots 'n Cake

Tina pretty much rocks at breakfast ideas.  This is one of my favorite weekend breakfasts.  Who can guess what I top it with?

Apple Pie Oatmeal from Oh She Glows

This is my absolute favorite oatmeal recipe.  For awhile, I was making it every weekend.  It makes my house smell awesome for hours.  No PB or banana here...shocking!

Post-wedding brunch...my favorite part of their big day.  (haha...jk sis!)
I'm always on the lookout for new breakfast ideas.  Pass along your favorite!


  1. One of my all-time favorite breakfasts is whole wheat english muffins with Adams peanut butter and banana slices...and a glass of milk. Super tasty and keeps you satisfied for a long time.

  2. put scrambled eggs in your oats. mmmm