Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pinterest Addiction part II

Hello All, Ashley here!  Sorry I have been on a blog hiatus this week, its been a long and busy one.  This week we celebrated Matt's birthday, so a quick Happy Birthday to him. 

                               First Up:  Our completed Color Me Mine pieces found in our post here.

Next Up:  Ashley's Pinterest Addiction! While not easy to pick a board to highlight,  I have chosen to highlight pins off of my "DIY Projects and Crafts" board.

First up:  Our Pantry Door
Original Project is found here .    Since our kitchen is connected to the dining and living room area I have always wanted to isolate the kitchen as its own room by giving my kitchen it's own decorative theme.  So, I've added this vinyl decoration onto my "to-do" list, but I'd love to make it on my Cricut!

Project #2 -  A DIY  bench, find the tutorial here.  It's actually a redone COFFEE TABLE!  How fun.  Once this project is completed I'd place the final product between the two tall windows in my master bedroom.

And finally something I have to complete to get a start on my to do list.
When it comes to security in my home I would like all of the bells and whistles that I can get, but that doesn't come over night, therefore near the top of the to-do list is frosting the glass next to my front door to add a touch more privacy to our entry. 

Pinned Image
This project was found on this blog and also here on Young House Love

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