Sunday, January 8, 2012

Color Me Mine

For my bachelorette party , Amy had the idea of going to a place called Color Me Mine  Where you can choose a piece of pottery and paint it how you wish.  After about a week you pick up your finished piece.  Amy and I had hoped to make it to Color Me Mine to pick and paint something for our mom for a Christmas gift.  We didn't make it to paint something for her so we decided to let her choose for herself and we made a mother/daughter day out of it. 

This is my bowl when in progress.

Amy chose to make a large mug as a memoir of her first half marathon.  She also painted the mileage on the mug.

Our Mom chose a mug as well but hers was more for fun rather than to remember something special to her. 


We've agreed that Color Me Mine is a fun place to go on a rainy (or snowy) day.  Whether you have a vision of the product you want to accomplish at the end or not its a good way to use your creative side!

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