Thursday, January 19, 2012

My kind of crafting..

As Amy posted here we have decided to change the blog a little bit and my main focus will be on types of photos and things I can do with photography.

Before I delve into that, I'll give a little bit of my history about it.  As a child when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I always answered "a mom."  I was a huge fan of baby dolls, and playing with Barbies was rare for me.  Anyway, I'd always take my dolls on "trips" to get their picture taken, and I would always practice staging a photo with props.  If I had a disposable camera (yep I'm showing my age by talking about a disposable camera, do they even make them anymore??), I would take pictures of my toys set up.  Anyway, the other day I had a thought...I'm currently an Early Childhood professional (they aren't my own kids but I still work closely with them), and I have also developed an extreme interest in photography-- the two things I played daily when I was a child.  It makes me wonder if this has always been my calling in life.  So there you have it, my focus for the blog, along with some DIY projects and of course New Recipe Nights, I will document my learning as I venture into trying to become a better photographer. 

I'm working toward a camera like this and my goal is to have it in my possession by Christmas 2012. 

Once I get my camera I plan to enroll in some photography classes to help me learn exactly how to do the fun things that I'd love to photograph. 

Working with an easy point and shoot digital camera at this time these are some of my favorite photos of scenery:

This isn't scenery but it is Amy crossing the finish line at her first 5k.  I love how you can see her, the finish sign and the time.

Taken at the zoo

A lone Cardinal in our tree.

So there ya have it!  My intro to my interests!
Do any of our readers have ideas of things I can photograph?  I'm always up for a challenge.

Speaking of challenge, we thought it would be fun to me (Amy) to give Ashley a little photography challenge every week.  So, by the time next week, dear sister, I would like you to take a picture that has to do with something you're proud of.  Ready...go!  :)

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