Thursday, January 26, 2012

The start of a hobby.

    I thought I would use this blog entry to share some special photos I've taken.  I have come across letter photography at a few craft shows that I was at this past craft season and one show last year; I thought it was so cool.   So this year I wanted to personalize a gift for Christmas, but I just couldn't find photographed letters that I liked enough to put them together into a wall hanging.  Instead, I took out my own camera and took some letter pictures of my own.  I have only one or two shots of just a few letters of the alphabet, but it's a start!  Here is some of my work...

*Please do NOT copy or reuse or erase the watermark on any of my photos without permission*


...and the photo responding to my challenge from Amy: 
Challenge was -Something I am proud of

The Chevrolet symbol on the wheel of my car.  I am VERY proud of my car that I bought on my own shortly after graduating college. 

Alrighty, is my challenge for this week:  Take a photo of something that people would probably think you were weird for laughing at.

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